Melbourne / Great Ocean Road - Australia


The city of Melbourne, capital of Victoria, is rich with historic buildings, restaurants catering to all tastes, shopping for all budgets, also arts and entertainment in all mediums.  Explore parks, gardens and The Yarra River for outdoor enjoyment. There is an extensive public transport system including the distinctive trams with a free ‘City Circle Tram’ making for easy traveling around downtown Melbourne. Enjoy a moving dining experience on board Melbourne’s famous Restaurant Tram.

You will notice the significant amount of well-preserved Victorian buildings that indicate the wealth of the ‘gold rush’ boom upon which the city was established. Take the time to admire the grand interiors of some of the cities classic historic buildings that now serve the banking and commerce sector.

During its ongoing development the city has become home to thousands of immigrants from around the world that have made Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, a diverse cultural experience.  Famous for its restaurants you can taste the flavours of the world in Melbourne. Take a visit to the food halls of the Melbourne market to see where many of the raw ingredients are sourced.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road stretches west of Melbourne, running for 300km from Torquay (south of Geelong), to Warnambool.  This is more than a day trip, so best suited to those with a longer stay in this region allowing a night or two away from the city, or for those passing through to the west of the state. The route incorporates the Otway and Port Campbell National Parks, the latter featuring the rock sculptures known as the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge, Inland there are bush walking trails in the Otway Ranges, and along the way some attractive seaside towns. Best done with a guided tour so that everyone gets a great day out to appreciate the scenery without the driving. Attractive seaside towns and villages along the way offer the creature comforts of accommodation, dining and shopping.