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Because not everybody wants the same holiday....
Because not everybody wants the same holiday....

Trading Terms.

The following are our Trading Terms, we have stated them clearly so that you know what they are from the very start of our relationship, if any of our terms are un-acceptable to you please let us know by contacting us using the form below.

1. The Client.

The Client shall be defined as the person having legal authority who directly requests and/or orders products and/or services from 'New Zealand Australia Holidays' hereunder abbreviated to 'NZAH'

2. Acceptance and variation.

These trading terms shall be deemed to have been accepted in full by the Client by the act of placing a request and/or order for  products and/or services from 'NZAH'

'NZAH' shall have the sole right to vary or omit from these trading terms.

3. Agreements and contracts.

All agreements and contracts for the supply of products and services are solely between 'NZAH' and the Client. All agreements and contracts shall be subject solely to New Zealand law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

4. Bookings, payments & documentation

To secure your booking 'NZAH' requires a completed booking form, or e-mailed instruction. All bookings will be secured against your credit card valid for the period of your travel. A booking is only secured on written confirmation from 'NZAH'. 'NZAH' reserves the right to decline any booking at their discretion.

All prices notified for the services as stated on the booking confirmation, include New Zealand Goods and Services Tax of 15 percent and Australian Goods and Services Tax at 10 percent unless stated otherwise, any subsequent variations in Goods and Services rates will be charged to clients at time of payment.

Clients will receive their full documentation incl contact details for all accommodations, activities & services booked immediately following completion of  booking of clients arrangements.

Generally payment will be required as follows unless varied in writing by 'NZAH' or on the specific webpage you are booking from for individual accommodations or activity bookings.

For Custom Itineraries
Clients will advised by 'NZAH' at time of final budgeting the specific payment terms for their itinerary.

For Pre planned Holidays and Short Breaks
A deposit of twenty percent is required to confirm your booking and balance is due in full sixty days prior to the start date of your trip.

For accommodation & activity bookings

Where payment is not received from the Client by 'NZAH' by the due date, bookings will be considered cancelled. 'NZAH' will take reasonable steps to contact Clients and remind them of dates payments are due.

5. Alterations and amendments.

'NZAH' shall treat all alterations and amendments as new requests and make charges accordingly.

Any changes or alterations to bookings will incur an administration charge of NZ$30 for each booking affected.

6. Cancellation of bookings.

All cancellations prior to traveling shall be notified by the Client to 'NZAH' immediately to minimize any consequential costs.  All cancellations when Clients are on their vacation shall be advised immediately directly with the service provider. Service Providers shall have the right to charge such cancellation fees as stated in their policy and advised to the Client on the booking confirmation. In compensation for the time and costs incurred by 'NZAH' in planning your holiday, and/or making your bookings and cancellations a charge of twenty percent of the value of those items cancelled in part or full shall be payable. Any booking or reservation shall be deemed to be still made and cancellation terms shall still apply until the cancellation is confirmed in writing by the service provider or 'NZAH' including the date cancelation confirmed..

Travel insurance is strongly recommended

7. Internal Flights, ferries, coaches & trains

Where flights, ferries, coaches & trains are booked by 'NZAH' a booking fee of ten (10) percent will be charged in addition to the fare value.

8. Insurance.

'NZAH' strongly recommends that Clients take out travel insurance to cover cancellations, health, travel and their possessions. 'NZAH' accepts no liability for any personal loses or injuries. Where the client purchases Travel Insurance through the link on our website, the client must satisfy themselves as to the suitability and extent of insurances offered and purchased, DesigNZ on Travel accepts no liability for Travel Insurance purchased through the link on this website by the client.

9. Complaints.

Please advise 'NZAH' in writing of any complaints and send a copy to the relevant service provider. All complaints will be dealt with promptly.

10. Children.

Please advise us if you are traveling with children so that child prices may be charged where available.

11. Liability.

'NZAH' accepts no liability for any action or activity undertaken by the Client whether independently or as a result of products and services supplied. 'NZAH' shall not be liable to compensate for any losses or expenses incurred.

12. Unused products and services.

No refund will be made for any unused products and services supplied by 'NZAH'.

13. Currency.

All charges will be processed in New Zealand Dollars

Where prices for 'NZAH' products and services are shown with approximate overseas currency equivalents, we will charge in New Zealand  dollars and there may be some slight variation in charges against your credit card due to exchange fluctuations.

14. Groups.

Clients booking five (5) or more rooms will be considered a Group. These Trading Terms will apply in full to a Group unless varied in writing by 'NZAH' for payments, cancellations and possible Exclusive Use requirements.

15. Service Provider Default.

In the event of a Service Provider defaulting on their obligations and not being able to provide the Client with the service or services booked by 'NZAH'. 'NZAH' shall take reasonable steps to book alternative arrangements considered by 'NZAH' to be the closest equivalent available of the original service booked. The Client shall be consulted before alternative arrangements are booked and shall be liable for any additional costs incurred or credited with any reduction in costs resulting from variations.

Where pre-payment has been made to the Service Provider by 'NZAH' on behalf of the Client and the Service Provider defaults on providing the service booked. 'NZAH' shall request reimbursement of the pre-payments made to the Service Provider.

'NZAH' shall not be liable to the Client for the loss of any pre-payments made to Service  Providers or for any costs incurred in the recovery of such pre-payments.



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